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Who are we?


Roasted Nuts
A wide range of roasted nuts in different formats, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, corn nuts, pistachios, peanuts... and many more. Healthy and funny, so good for you.

Ice-Pops and Drinks
REFRESHING!! A true breather against hot weather suitable for all ages. Or if you prefer, a light and unmistakeable candy drink.


Who are we?

More than 50 years of history

The brand Kelia was created more than 50 years ago in Seville (Spain). Like almost all the beginnings, the manufacture of those products, which in a short time have become a reference in the local markets, began in a little private house.

The production which started as an artisanal way, soon became industrial but keeping the artisanal aspect of the beginning. This fact and the result of more than 50 years of experience, it has make KELIA a brand with a public recognizing of enormous importance in the food sector, especially in the nuts and appetizers sector and also in the category of liquid ice-pops to freeze. 

In 2009 there is a turning point for the brand with an important change in the developing product strategy when joining the MERCADALIA group, to which belongs other brands of the food sector, snacks and confectionery such as PALOTES, CHEIW, PECTOL, DAMEL, CASAMAYOR, MARZIPAN RUCOCO, MEIVEL, TURRON DE VIENA and a large etc. 

Nowadays, it has a facility of 16.000m2 with the best controlling systems and the latest technology for the manufacturing of products, located in Marchena in the province of Seville (Spain).
KELIA is present along the entire Spanish territory in both impulse sales markets, as the largest and most important food chains, and modern distribution. It is also represented in a high number of European countries and in the North of Africa. 

From KELIA we keep working hard, not only to meet your expectations but also to surprise you everyday.

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