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Roasted Nuts
A wide range of roasted nuts in different formats, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, corn nuts, pistachios, peanuts... and many more. Healthy and funny, so good for you.

Ice-Pops and Drinks
REFRESHING!! A true breather against hot weather suitable for all ages. Or if you prefer, a light and unmistakeable candy drink.


Miércoles, 11 de Junio de 2014
New products and formats on Ice-Pops
Lunes, 01 de Julio de 2013
New Ice Pops Palotes
Kelia launch in the market with Products DAMEL the brand new ICE-POPS PALOTES. You have up to five stunning flavours to discover: Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Blackberry, Melon and Cherry with FRUIT JUICE and a new composition totally different. It will soon become the surprise and the preferred refresh for everyone this summer.
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